Zero Carbon Headingley

News Update

We will be having a street fair   on World Car Free Day on Sunday September 22nd. We’ve agreed with Leeds Council to close North Lane between Cardigan Road and the A660 and want to celebrate the opportunity of some time without the noise and pollution of traffic.

We’re also working on projects to cut carbon in local housing and commercial buildings and these are being progressed by small groups of our members – get in touch if you’d like to help.

The date for the next full meeting is Wednesday September 4h, 7.30pm at HEART – all welcome. We’ll be sorting out the final details for the street fair.

Green Energy Deal

We are in partnership with local energy provider Yorkshire Energy to offer everyone in our group (and all HDT members) a competitive renewable energy supply. We get a financial contribution to our funds for everyone joining the scheme. Email if you want more details.


We work towards a Zero Carbon Headingley by involving as many people and organisations as possible to take action on reducing our carbon footprints and emissions.

  • Do you live or work in Headingley?
  • Do you want to tackle climate change, sir pollution and reduce Headingley’s carbon footprint?
  • Would you like to get involved and support us?

We are developing an Action Plan that  focuses on cutting emissions from Transport, Buildings, Food & Water and Consumption & Waste.

We are organising meetings, workshops and events for everyone to share information, learn from those with expertise and encourage practical ACTIONS to reduce individual and organisational footprints.

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Zero Carbon Headingley
an initiative launched by
Headingley Development Trust
supported by Zero Carbon Yorkshire


what's on

  • Projects and Events

    HDT Projects and EventsVisit page

  • Farmers Market

    Sat 14th September 2019Visit page

  • Zero Carbon Headingley

    Wednesday 4th September, 7.30pm at HEART - all welcomeVisit page

  • Films at HEART

    Tues 10th September - Mid90sVisit page

  • Talking Heads

    Thurs 12th September - Islamophobia: Rooted in their Religion, or our Politics?Visit page

  • Café Scientifique

    Mon 14th October - The History of Code BreakingVisit page

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