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Headingley Development Trust (HDT) is a community owned development trust. The way this works is by having local residents from the community as members. Joining HDT shows your support for creating a sustainable community and allows us to do the work that is asked us from the community. If you have any ideas for projects that you would like to see HDT running in Headingley, please become a member of HDT and email

Anyone can join HDT whether they live in Headingley or not. All that you need to become a member is to support the aims of the organisation (constitution). Please fill in the online membership form here. If you are not able to use the online form, then you can download a paper version of the application form and post it to us with the membership fee. Or you can pick up an application form from HEART on Bennett Road in Headingley.’

. The membership fee is kept deliberately low in order to make sure that no one is prevented from joining by hardship.

Whilst we are seeking funding for our projects from grant awarding bodies and also from developing social enterprises, our members also form a very valuable source of income. Therefore, we will be very happy to receive donations from members and respective members too. There is no limit to the amount that individual members can donate, but this does not entitle them to any more say in the business of the Trust, which is a one-member-one vote organisation.

Why not set up a standing order?

We chose early on in the life of the Trust to just have a one off membership payment to make sure that all local citizens could easily join us. However, we are sure that many members would have signed up to an annual fee, if it had been asked for. We urge you to please consider setting up a standing order to that we can cover the core costs of the Trust and continue to support new projects in their early stages until they become self sufficient.

Lastly, you may wish to consider that suitable provisions can be made in your will to leave money to Headingley Development Trust.

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