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One of the projects undertaken by Headingley Development Trust is “Headingley Homes” housing project, which aims to help to balance Headingley neighbourhood by providing affordable homes to rent or buy for long-term residents.  Our initial portfolio comprises of one house that we have bought and several that we have leased from public-spirited local owners, to let to individuals and families.

The project links with other housing initiatives in the area, investing in Leeds Community Homes and is exploring co-housing ideas. Headingley Homes is keen to expand its leased properties and is exploring purchasing further houses, finances permitting. The Housing Project Group consists of Sarah Johal, Richard Tyler & Richard Norton, supported by other members of HDT. If you are interested in becoming involved please let us know.

Headingley Homes (HDT) is accredited with Leeds Landlord Accreditation Scheme and any fees received from leasing properties and any other profits are ploughed back into creating more affordable housing for those wishing to remain in the area on a longer term basis. If you are interested in the housing group or in leasing a property to Headingley Homes please contact us at: info@headingleydevelopmenttrust.org.uk, leaving a contact number for a call back.

Past Achievements

In partnership with re’new (the regeneration charity), the housing project pursued a Housing Strategy for Headingley.  On the one hand, Headingley Homes undertook market research, and we produced reports on housing in Headingley in 2006, in 2008 and in 2010.  Since that time, re’new produced reports on the local student housing market, for Unipol Student Homes in 2012, and for Leeds City Council in 2013.  The latter have both identified a stall in the market – indeed, a large surplus of student housing has developed.

In addition, Headingley Homes, with the Inner NW Area Committee and re’new, supported policy development.  A professional seminar on a Housing Strategy in 2007 was followed by a public seminar in 2008.  Later that year, a Strategy was produced by the Area Committee’s Housing Strategy Group, intended as the basis for a local housing strategy (regrettably, this was not adopted by the Council).  However, in 2013, the Council established a Student Accommodation Working Group, and Headingley Homes supports the proposals submitted to this Group by Leeds HMO Lobby.

In partnership with the Council, Headingley Homes has arranged that the affordable housing obligation on new housing developments should be spent locally, to bring surplus student houses back into long-term local occupation.  The Trust has worked on partnerships with the Council and with Registered Providers of affordable housing to put this into effect, and published a Prospectus of our ambition to restore the balance of our community.

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