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Monday 10th February 2020
“Inherited blindness: a cure in sight?
By Colin Johnson

Genomics is the study of the entire complement of genes in the genome and how these influence human health and disease. Medical genomics is transforming medicine by enabling treatments to be tailored to a patient’s genetic characteristics. Recent developments and approval of gene therapies can treat specific inherited types of eye disease. Knowledge of a patient’s genetic make-up can also have benefit because genetic testing is then possible, improving diagnosis and clinical management. Over 20,000 individuals in the UK are registered blind or partially sighted as a result of inherited retinal dystrophies, caused by gene defects. In this talk Professor Colin A. Johnson will describe exciting new technologies; growing “eyes in a dish” and “gene editing”. He will discuss how new methods can be used to understand the causes of inherited blindness and how they might be used in developing new treatments.


Colin A Johnson: is Professor of Medical & Molecular Genetics at the University of Leeds. His current research progresses our new knowledge of the genetics of inherited eye disorders by developing lab-grown cellular models of human disease. These are used to understand disease processes and to test new therapeutic approaches.













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Monday 10th February 2020
Inherited Blindness: a cure in sight?
By Colin Johnson

Monday 9th March 2020
Causal Reasoning
By Kellyn Arnold

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Monday 11th May 2020
The Promise of Gravitational Waves
By Sue Bowler

Monday 8th June 2020
Antibiotic Resistance
By Colin Garner

Monday 13th July 2020
Zero Carbon Cities
By Paul Chatterton


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