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Monday 9th December 2019
“1202 Alarm
Apollo Moon Landings at 50

By Mark Wrigley

The Apollo moon landings programme had a big impact on many people in different ways. At the time of the Apollo 11 mission, Mark Wrigley was a 16 year old school boy waiting for the results of his ‘O’ Level examinations. He had been captivated by the daring Apollo 8 mission at Christmas 1968 which saw men leave Earth orbit and capture the famous ‘Earth Rise’ image in lunar orbit. He decided to capture and record these events in some way. In a time before YouTube, DVDs and video recorders he set about doing this with audio tape, photographs from the family’s black and white t.v. and later, using high speed film in an 8mm cine camera. The archive that was created has survived through the years and is now, 50 years later, is on display at the National Science and Media Museum in Bradford, along with artefacts from the time.

The talk will cover some of the highlights of the Apollo programme, consider some of the home recording technology of the time and how a 24 year old I.T. specialist saved the first moon landing with his quick response to the 1201 alarm. Access to the archive on-line can be found at:


Mark Wrigley: Once a physicist, always a physicist! In response to the Apollo moon landings, Mark decided to study a degree in physics at the University of Leeds in the early 1970’s. His passion for new technology has covered instrumentation in the aviation industry and later the introduction of digital mobile phones and mobile data. He has worked internationally living in China, Japan and the USA. He is now semi-retired, running his own company and is a Fellow of both the Institute of Physics and the Royal Astronomical Society. More at:














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Monday 9th December
50 years of Man on the Moon
By Mark Wrigley


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Antibiotic Resistance – sorting the fact from the fiction
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Monday 10th February 2020
Inherited Blindness: a cure in sight?
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Monday 9th March 2020
Causal Reasoning
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Monday 11th May 2020
The Promise of Gravitational Waves
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Monday 8th June 2020
Antibiotic Resistance
By Colin Garner

Monday 13th July 2020
Zero Carbon Cities
By Paul Chatterton

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