Zero Carbon Headingley

We aim to work towards a Zero Carbon Headingley bu involving as many people and organisations as possible to take action on reducing our carbon footprints and emissions.

  • Do you live or work in Headingley?
  • Do you want to tackle climate change, sir pollution and reduce Headingley’s carbon footprint?
  • Would you like to get involved and support us?

We are developing an Action Plan that will focus on cutting emissions from Transport, Buildings, Food & Water and Consumption & Waste.

We will be organising meetings, workshops and events for everyone to share information, learn from those with expertise and encourage practical ACTIONS to reduce individual and organisational footprints.

The  launch meeting of ZCH was in November 2018  which set up an initial steering group to take things forward.

The next Zero Carbon Headingley meeting will be on Wednesday February 13th  7.30 at HEART.

For more information and to offer your support contact:

Zero Carbon Headingley
an initiative launched by
Headingley Development Trust
supported by Zero Carbon Yorkshire

what's on

  • Projects and Events

    HDT Projects and EventsVisit page

  • Talking Heads

    Thurs 10th January - "Unlocking Sustainable Cities" by Paul ChattertonVisit page

  • Café Scientifique

    Mon 11th February - Heart Rate in Heart Failure: a new approachVisit page

  • Farmers Market

    Sat 9th February 2019Visit page

  • Films at HEART

    Tuesday 12th February 8pm - "Mr Kaplan"Visit page

  • Zero Carbon Headingley

    Wednesday February 13th - Next Meeting in HeartVisit page

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