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Thursday 14th December at 7.30

Understanding Homelessness and Rough Sleeping
Chris Wilson

Homelessness and rough sleeping anecdotally appears to be getting worse in Leeds and nationally and has an impact on everyone’s sense of well being. Legislation and policy exists to respond to homelessness but it is complex and not as straightforward as might be assumed.

The answers to a number of questions may go some way to explaining the current situation:

— What is the nature and extent of homelessness and rough sleeping in Leeds and nationally?

— What leads individuals and families to homelessness?

— What is the legal and policy framework for responding to homelessness?

— What are the moral, ethical and social issues in regard to this issue and how are these interpreted in law and social policy?

— What can citizens and communities do in best responding to homelessness and rough sleeping?

Chris Wilson
has worked with St George’s Crypt for 8 Years. St George’s has been responding to homelessness in Leeds for 87 Years. Chris will lead us in looking at the questions highlighted above and outline the various approaches that have been taken and those currently being taken to homelessness and rough sleeping in Leeds and nationally.

Some relevant references.

The homelessness crisis in England: a perfect storm

Talking Heads at HEART

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Talking Heads at HEART is an initiative between HDT and HEART. It benefits the community of Headingley and beyond and aims to stimulate, inform and enliven.

Recent topics include:

• Social cohesion, resilience, and community mediation
• What does culture mean to Leeds?
• The housing crisis- and how people power can solve it
• Ethics in business,
• Can we solve poverty?
• Unemployment, jobs and new technology

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