Headingley Investment Fund

Invest in Headingley!

Headingley Development Trust has launched an exciting community share offer – the Headingley Investment Fund.  The new fund will build on the successful work of Headingley Development Trust to help improve Headingley.

We are working with an on-line ethical investment platform: Ethex, and anyone is able to invest. Investors will get interest on their investment, this will be at a fair rate: 2%  which is better than many banks and building societies.  We hope that people outside the area may also see this as a worthwhile, ethical opportunity and may also want to invest.

The fund is open for investment for two months in the first instance from 26th February to 30th April.

12 years ago Headingley Development Trust (HDT) was successful in raising £105,000.   It went on to establish HEART- the community/business/arts centre on Bennett Road.  Since that time HEART has developed into a vibrant and busy centre used by many different groups of people.

HDT is now looking to create the Headingley Investment Fund (HIF) through a community share issue.  The aim is to raise, as a minimum, £280,000 but with ambition for that to be £480,000 or even more.

This would enable:

  • HDT to develop, at a greatly accelerated pace, create new project ideas and sustain and deepen current successful ones
  • HDT to be far more agile when it comes to spotting and responding to opportunities – such as taking on community facilities, working creatively with local businesses and developers, and meeting the needs of under-served groups
  • the costs of HEART to be met in a different, wholly local way. At the moment, most of HEART’s surplus is consumed by the repayment of its loan to the London-based Social Investment Business.  A new loan from Headingley Investment Fund would allow HEART to keep more of its profits – and use them to extend its reach, facilities, and become a beacon of environmental excellence
  • HDT to intervene more in the local housing market and respond to an identified need for more affordable and quality rented housing in the area. With a decline in student accommodation in Headingley we are seeing more empty properties and an increase in families moving back into the area.  There is scope to develop HDT’s successful Headingley Homes initiative, a solid, long term and profitable business offering security and confidence for investors
  • Headingley to re-invest and recycle its own resources, providing a model for other communities, one rich in learning and replicability
  • Local investors to see not just a financial return on their investments – but a practical and living one.

HDT believes this is an important and exciting opportunity for members and friends to help ensure the sustainability of Headingley. The venture is built on HDT’s successful track record and solid financial foundations, and the confidence that Headingley people – whether they live here or not – are prepared to use their collective endeavours and collective finance for the future of the Headingley community.

Much has been done over the past few years to make Headingley a better place to live: we have HEART, HDT’s flagship enterprise which provides a wealth of facilities and activities for all; we have a thriving farmers’ market where people meet, linger and buy good food; we have events from films to music; we work to develop and to celebrate our green spaces, and we have developed a fantastic website to help all appreciate where we live. And HDT members have done much more.

But there is so much more to be done. We need to ensure that HEART continues to flourish, to help more people have a decent home, and to do something about the many empty commercial properties in Headingley town centre. A recent survey showed that there are fifteen empty properties – including the former community centre which looks worse as the days pass. We want to intervene creatively and enterprisingly in our local area, but can only do so with your help.

If you want to help move the levers of community change, this share offer is for you. The main terms of this offer are as set out in our Offer Document, which you must read before completing your application form.

An excellent article about the new fund appeared in the Guardian- see it here: Headingley launches own investment fund.

To find out more about HEART:  Call in!  Or see the great website: www.heartcentre.org.uk

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More Information

To find out more about the offer, or to apply

See: the Documents to download (below);

Or see: ethex.org.uk/headingleyDT for all the details and the Application Form;

Or telephone HEART to ask for details and the Application Form: 2754548.