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Monday 12th March 2018

From Frankenstein to Heinz beans:
how the weather has shaped our world
(Partnership event with Headingley Literature Festival)
By Kate Ravilious

Two hundred years ago Mary Shelley’s landmark Gothic tale, ‘Frankenstein’, was published. However, this horror story might never have been imagined were it not for the spectacular eruption of Tambora in Indonesia, three years earlier in 1815. The vast quantities of ash, thrown high into the atmosphere by this volcano, resulted in ‘the year without a summer’ in 1816 and worldwide harvest failures. And it was during this incredibly gloomy summer that Shelley started to write Frankenstein.

Join science journalist Kate Ravilious for a whistle-stop tour of weather events that have shaped the world we see today. From the weather that inspired the skies in Edvard Munch’s ‘The Scream’, to the harsh weather that ultimately led to ‘Heinz’ beans, Kate will be exploring how some weather events have been turning points in history, and pondering what kind of weather might shape our future.



Kate Ravilious – is an award-winning independent science journalist, based in York. She writes about the latest discoveries in the scientific world and has a particular passion for weather, earth sciences and archaeology. She contributes regularly to the ‘Weatherwatch’ column in The Guardian newspaper, and you can also see her work in a number of magazines, newspapers and websites including, New Scientist, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, The Independent, Cosmos,  Archaeology and Environmental Research Web.


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Monday 12th March 2018
“From Frankenstein to Heinz beans:
how the weather has shaped our world”
(Partnership event with Headingley Literature Festival)
By Kate Ravilious
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Monday 9th April 2018
“Examining the Economic Case for Drugs and Medical Treatments in the NHS”
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Monday 14th May
“Science, Cartooning and Art”
By Darryl Cunningham
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Monday 11th June
“Health Research with Children in Leeds:
Protecting Our Future””
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