Who are we?

  • We are an organisation, made up of concerned local residents and small businesses, formed with the aim of promoting and developing a sustainable community in Headingley.
  • The HDT Board meets on the third Tuesday of each month. If you have something to raise please contact the Secretary.
  • We think that a community-owned development trust can help us to take back some control over our environment and gives us exciting new possibilities for creating a thriving community.
  • The trust has a membership to whom the directors are accountable. Members may be individuals, groups or businesses, but each member gets only one vote, however much they invest.
  • The trust is organised and promoted by a Board of Directors, drawn from the membership. The Board was initially a self-appointed group, but is now elected annually at the AGM after one year of operation. Want to know more? Read on? What are we aiming to do?
  • We wish to make a difference in Headingley by acquiring assets (buildings and land) and using them for the good of the community.
  • Such assets may be being disposed of by the City Council, the Universities or private owners.
  • We aim to run some enterprises to produce an income which will be used to help promote the businesses and services that a balanced community needs.

what's on

  • Café Scientifique

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  • Farmers Market

    Sat 10th MarchVisit page


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  • Talking Heads

    Thurs 9th February - Modern slavery in the UK Visit page

  • New Projects and Events

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